Custom Sugar Cookies – How hard can it be? 

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Hi there, my name is Fehr Kilchrist and I bet you are wondering why you should keep reading this blog about custom sugar cookies. Well, let me tell you my cookie story.

I was a stay-at home mom of two kids and was looking for a new creative hobby, but what should that be? I kept seeing all of these really cute cookies online and thought that could be something I could do. So I started researching online, watching a lot of videos, and asking advice from a friend who has a successful cookie business in another state. After all of my research and asking about ninety thousand questions, I was ready to start making cookies. So, I found my favorite sugar cookie recipe and a recipe for royal icing and I was ready to go. I baked a batch of cookies and made my first batch of royal icing and thought this was going to be a piece of cake since I am artistic (or at least I think so). I mixed up what colors I wanted and off I went. Guess what happened? The icing ran all over the cookie and all over the table where I was working. It was an absolute mess. I had icing everywhere except for the sugar cookie! So much for this batch! I tried doing an edge to keep the icing on the cookie and yep, it ran too! What a huge mess! 

I thought to myself… Oh Man! This is going to be a lot harder than I expected. I really wanted to learn so I kept at it and made another batch and then another.  I was determined to get the icing consistency right so that my cookies didn’t look like they belong on the show “Nailed It”. For me, the icing consistency was one of the hardest things to learn. After a while my cookies started looking a little better. I kept practicing over and over and it all began to come together. The cookies were becoming more consistent.

After a few months of practice, I built up the courage and decided to post an ad on my facebook yard sale site to see if anyone would have interest in some cute and yummy cookies. Believe it or not, people did! I made Valentine’s cookies and then a few Easter cookies as well as a few small batches for gifts and a raffle. 

After a while the orders slowed, which gave me a little more time to work on my craft. I was pretty busy because I went back to school and also started working so; I was only able to practice once in a while. I only made cookies for my kid’s, teachers or family birthdays etc. I still enjoyed doing it, but was only able to do them on weekends or in my spare time. I hadn’t done an order for a while when a coworker asked me to make cookies for her baby shower. After I posted that I made custom sugar cookies on my facebook and instagram accounts people started requesting cookies from me! All from my co-worker and facebook friends’, word of mouth, the demand for my cookies grew and grew. Now, here we are! 

It has now been about three years since that first night I decided to take on this new skill. I still love making cookies and it just keeps getting easier. It has taken me a while to find out what tools I prefer to use, how to use a projector to make the cookies even more detailed and learning how to use an airbrush. Learning this new hobby of creating fun custom sugar cookies for people has really been exciting. My favorite part of it all is when the customer loves their cookies! 

If you are thinking of starting this journey. I totally recommend it! My best advice would be not to get frustrated at first, because it is a new skill that will take time to develop. I would love to help you along the way just like my friend helped me at the beginning of my journey. Getting the cookies to look amazing may not happen overnight; but, it will happen if you put in the time and effort. Supplies I recommend for getting started can be found beneath the shop section of the top menu. Or click here for supplies.

I will be making frequent posts to offer holiday cookie ideas, tips and tricks, and how to use various techniques to help you improve your custom cookies. Until next time, wish you happy baking! 

 Fehr Kilchrist

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